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My pick for photo of the month (found I could not do this weekly with any regularity). I update this every once in awhile (quarterly?), so it will not be exactly monthly.

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Mt Rainier over Upper Tipsoo LakeFlying Rods in New Mexico!Northern Pygmy-OwlSunset patternsSeattle skyline in backgroundSeattle skylineSunset from Pu'u'ula'ula summit.Snowy EgretStanding and surveying the beachJuvenile Snowy OwlRain God Mesa.Western TanagerClassic Zion colorsSunset silhouettesAnd away we go!Belt of VenusIs this a challenge or what?Ah ha, an intruder!Incredibly colorful little guys.Note the proboscis.

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Tracy Hill(non-registered)
Wow! Amazing shots! I'm impressed! :-)
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