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Guestbook for All Photographs
Bill Peterson(non-registered)
Wonderful to view your amazing and extensive photo series, Larry.
Fun to have memories of seeing you 'at work' with your camera in the early a.m. back when our week at Pend Oreille Shores Resort overlapped.
Doug Parrish(non-registered)
The photography here is beyond description! How you manage to pull such vibrant color and detail from these expertly-composed scenes is beyond me. I told my sister Kathy, whom you know, that it looked as if this had all been done with Photoshop, but I know that professional photographers do not engage in that kind of modification. It is absolutely stunning what you have been able to achieve, Larry.
Absolutely wonderful. I´m overwhelmed. I have to admit that you make amazing pictures!! You really do! I wish I could be as talented as you are. keep up doing great job!
Excellent updates since my last visit most enjoyable, finally managed an Osprey yesterday!
Jay Galvin(non-registered)
Having birded with Larry a few times, I can say that his passion for birds and nature has carried over handsomely to his photo captures!!
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