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Photo gallery from 3 day visit to the Grand Coulee (Upper and Lower) and Moses Coulee (10 miles west of Grand Coulee).

This is a companion gallery to the Ice Age Floods gallery.

Moses Coulee was the first of the two coulees formed by outflow from ancient Lake Columbia (into which the Lake Missoula floods emptied). It was used only for a short while (geologically speaking) before an ice lobe sealed it. Then the Grand Coulee was used for a longer while.

It has been 13,000 years since water flowed through Grand Coulee and even longer since it flowed through Moses Coulee. Neither coulee has a river or stream running through it now.

It is really fun to let your imagination go here. Imagine a flood so big that Grand Coulee overflowed - by a lot, not just a little - to the tune of several hundred feet over the top for miles and miles in width (hundreds of miles if my reading is accurate).

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