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Created 12-Sep-11
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Photos are from a visit to Harney County, Oregon in August 2011. Steen's Mountain is to the east of Malheur NWR. Alvord Desert is on the east side of Steen's.

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Malheur at the NarrowsMalheur at the Narrows - looking west toward Harney LakeWhite-faced IbisBlack-necked Stilt juvenileBlack-necked StiltBlack-necked StiltBlack-necked StiltsBlack-necked StiltEared GrebeEared Grebes and baby peeking out.Eared Grebe with fishEared Grebes and babies.Eared Grebe and babies.Pronghorn femalesPronghorn females. Count the ears.Black-crowned Night Heron - juvenileBlack-crowned Night Heron - juvenileClark's Grebe and babiesClark's Grebes and babiesClark's Grebe and babies.