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Created 21-Mar-12
Modified 23-Mar-12
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Photos from a week spent in Ocean Shores area in March 2012. Locations include Westport, Damon Point, Oceans Shores beaches, and Moclips beaches.

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Photo 1 of 5Photo 2 of 5Photo 3 of 5Photo 4 of 5Photo 5 of 5Sanderlings frantically running from the surf.Sanderling and DunlinSanderlingSanderlingSanderlingsNote that it is sucking the food up the bill.SanderlingSanderlingYummyYummy 2Eurasian Collared-DovesEurasian Collared-DoveWestern GrebeRed-necked Grebe in winter plumageRed-necked Grebe