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Long-billed DowitcherA good catch!Long-billed DowitcherLong-billed DowitcherLong-billed DowitcherTilt!Long-billed DowitcherThey can flex their bills.Long-billed DowitcherLong-billed DowitcherStilt SandpiperLong legs are good not just for wading.And that is why it is in Redmond.Stilt SandpiperStilt SandpiperStilt SandpiperAmerican PipitAmerican PipitAmerican PipitAmerican Pipit

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Well Done Larry. You have captured numerous outstanding wildlife images. In my consideration of visiting Alsaska, I will continue to keep Juanita Bay Park in mind! Thank you so much for sharing such inspirational work.
Superb images since I lasy Visited Larry, top work
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